Candy and Malingo Fall

Candy and Malingo Fall

The Isle of Huffaker is one of the Islands of Abarat, and lies at 9 o'clock in the evening.

In the booksEdit

Role in the AbaratEdit

Role in Abarat: Days of Magic: Nights of WarEdit

Role in Abarat: Absolute MidnightEdit


Huffaker is a large island and it's geography is carved with great cavernous rock formations which form natural temples and cathedrals - the greatest of which is Hap's Vault. Named after it's discoverer Lydia Hap, Miss Hap placed Hap's Vault as the Chamber of the Skein.

The Chamber of the Skein as known as The Abaratic Skein is a cosmic thread of light that connects all things - living and dead, sentient and unthinking to all other things.





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