The Islands of The Abarat

There are Twenty-Five islands in the Abaratian Archipelago situated in the Sea of Izabella. Although each of these islands are extremely complex in their own way, politically these islands can be divided into the allegiances between Day and Night. Each of these islands represent a different time of day.

Islands of DayEdit

Yzil (noon)

Hobarookus ( One O'clock)

Orlando's Cap (Two O'clock)

The Nonce(Three O'clock)

Gnomon(Four O'clock)

Soma Plume (Five O'clock)

Babilonium (Six O'clock)

Scoriae (Seven O'clock)

Yebba Dim Day(Eight O'clock)

Efreet (Six O'clock in the morning)

Autland (Seven O'clock in the morning)

Obadiah (Eight O'clock in the morning)

Qualm Hah (Nine O'clock in the morning)

Spake (Ten O'clock in the morning)

Nully (Eleven O'clock in the morning)

Islands of NightEdit

Huffaker (Nine O'clock)

Ninnyhammer (Ten O'clock)

Jibarish (Eleven O'clock)

Gorgossium (Midnight)

The Pyramids of Xuxux( One O'clock in the morning)

Idjit (Two O'clock in the morning)

Pyon (Three O'clock in the morning

The Isle of Black Egg (Four O'clock in the morning)

Speckle Frew (Five O'clock in the morning)

The 25th HourEdit

Odom's Spire known as the 25th Hour


There are number of small islands such as Alice Point, Vesper's Rock and Fulgore Cove in the Abarat

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